Jo Hayes Ward

Jo’s fascination with sculpture began at art college where she experimented with shapes and intricate 3D patterns. She went on to study at London’s Royal College of Art where she developed her signature aesthetic and launched her fine jewellery brand back in 2006; her work is often described as wearable sculpture.

Jo’s designs are uniquely metamorphic; the aesthetic hints at geological form, with multiple delicate elements and textures combining to create each composition. This lends her work an architectural but also organic feel.

The magic of Jo’s jewellery is how it catches light. Jo angles every golden building block and facet with such precision, that when her jewellery is worn, light bounces around beautifully – creating a shimmering effect. Pieces come alive when worn.

All Jo’s jewels are made in her London studio by Jo and her small team. The pieces are all made using 100% recycled or Fairtrade gold. Each diamond used in Jo Hayes Ward jewellery is selected individually by Jo and purchased through reputable and trustworthy suppliers who guarantee that they are absolutely conflict-free. Where possible Jo works with registered Fairtrade and socially responsible gem suppliers who offer fully traceable back-to-source stones.