The Stone Bar: still sifting, sorting and grading …

The Omnēque Stone Bar: an exclusive selection of loose gemstones.
Selected and vetted by gemmologist Joanna Hardy, Fellow of the Gemmological
Association of Great Britain.

Simply put, we curate a selection of stones to match your needs and you choose the stone that speaks to you. Omnēque’s Stone Bar treasures are selected and vetted by gemmologist Joanna Hardy, Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

Be specific about the type of stone you’d like, or let our expert guide you. Whether you’re building your own stone collection or are looking for the right gem to set in a bespoke jewel, we’re here with specialist knowledge and access to the best selection of gems.

Secure locations, approved by Omnēque, will be available for stone viewings in key locations worldwide.

“Choosing a stone from the Stone Bar is an opportunity to fall in love with a stone. Every stone is unique. Often, it is only the ‘Big Five’ – diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire and pearl – that we are told should gain our attention, but there is a whole host of other minerals that are equally mesmerising – some at very affordable prices.”

Joanna Hardy

Good things come to those who wait.

While we can’t wait to bring our Stone Bar to you, we will not compromise on the level of services we provide. Our jewellery expert makes her selections in person, and Joanna will not recommend a stone without having seen it for herself something which is not possible at this time.

“This year, world events have curtailed the market for new gemstones – mines are not producing, and planes are not flying. The gem fairs may have been postponed, but I hope to be back at them soon and look forward to showing you what I find. Through this selection, I want to convey that sense of appreciation of beautiful stones.”

Joanna Hardy


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