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Jewellery for all eventualities: Jane Adam’s anodised aluminium; Tahitian pearls; and fun fashion bracelet from 'Nancy M'

‘Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s that time of year (in the northern hemisphere, at least) when it’s wise to follow Emerson’s advice quite literally: choose your most beautiful – and fun – vacation must-haves and head for the airport. A holiday wardrobe can make or break a vacation, so choose wisely.

The beaches and islands of the Mediterranean are beckoning; and from Indonesia to the Okavango, from the Turkish Riviera to Puerto Rico our resort wear staples are being unpacked. While the perfect travelling capsule wardrobe should be easy to assemble – what’s the temperature (day/night); what’s in the social diary? – don’t forget to think carefully about your jewellery. Like Kim Kardashian after the notorious jewellery heist of 2016 in Paris you may not want to travel with lavish or extravagant jewellery. Style, however, doesn’t need to be left behind.

If you want every eventuality covered, read on. Here, our curators share their holiday secrets about the jewellery they like to have with them as they pack their slides, slingbacks or even gladiator sandals.

Charlotte Rogers is our fashion-focused curator of branded collectibles. “I love to wear a pair of statement clip-on vintage earrings on holiday. Usually 90s Chanel or YSL. (I have a pair on in my Omnēque headshot, too.) They are a great conversation starter, show people who I am and what I do, and more than once I’ve sold them from my ears! The work never stops.”

Must-haves: Charlotte’s vintage Chanel (left); and Josephine’s vintage gold necklace

“Gold is my go-to precious metal when I’m sun-kissed,” admits Josephine Odet, who is a specialist in hunting down fine jewellery pieces for Omnēque clients. “My vintage gold necklace is so easy to dress up or down, from day to evening, beach to bar.”

For a slightly different tone, Josephine also packs her Tahitian pearls: “Casual – and chic: their hues perfectly complement my holiday palate and vibe.” And an antique aquamarine and gold ring. “This is such a sweet ring, which I wear alone or stack with other rings. What says ‘holidays’ better than aqua blue? Especially when combined with warm rose gold.”

Josephine’s ‘sweet’ aquamarine and gold antique ring; and Amanda’s remodelling of her parents’ wedding and engagement rings

Packing the right accessories isn’t always just about catching the beach-friendly, bar-friendly energy. It’s festival season in the UK and there’s none as big as Glastonbury. Try standing out in the crowd there! Jane Adam’s anodised aluminium jewellery could be your best chance, and it makes a statement as bold as the bass lines.

Joanna Hardy, Omnēque’s antique and fine jewellery and gem specialist, made sure she had both bangle and necklace by the renowned jeweller with her as she rocked the nights away: “I love them and love the noise the necklace makes when you move!!” We can’t wait to see the video of those “moves”.

Amanda Zuydervelt is Omnēque’s founder, and is never far from interesting jewellery. “There are some things I never take off,” says Amanda. “My parents’ remodelled wedding band and engagement rings – it’s what inspired the remodelling service Omnēque offers. I also always wear my vintage Cartier bangles. I love the sound they make, and I often stack them with a vintage charm bracelet I snaffled from the site when we went live. I love this 'Nancy M' statement piece our vintage fashion editor found in the States; it’s currently for sale, but I’m thinking it should come to Ibiza with me.”

The great conversation starter: Charlotte’s vintage Chanel

If “to travel is to live” – so says Hans Christian Andersen – then it’s time to live. Just don’t forget to pack some great gems to go with you.

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