A Destination for Precious Things

Omnēque is a luxury online marketplace where the best jewellery continues its journey to its next owners. We are dedicated to giving new life to precious objects at a time when what and how we buy says everything about who we are.

We continually curate an inspiring selection of unique pre-owned pieces authenticated by top industry experts alongside spotlight partnerships showcasing the best collections from contemporary designer-makers. A true home of jewellery, Omnēque also offers a range of services from our concierge including jewellery sourcing, remodelling and bespoke commissions.

Our Mission

With a passion for the craft of jewellery and the stories it tells, our mission is to inspire you to collect and style it in your own individual way.

We want to show you jewellery in a new light, and for you to fall in love with it. It will become your story.

“These gems have life in them; their colours speak, say what words fail of”

George Eliot

Our Promise





Our Story

A love of jewellery and an entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of Omnēque. Co-founder Amanda Zuydervelt has been setting up businesses since the age of nine, when she sold drinks from a wheelbarrow on the golf course near her childhood home.

After that venture was scuppered by overzealous security guards, she suggested to her best friend that they look around their houses to find things to sell in a new roadside location.

When they came across their mothers’ jewellery collections, they knew they had something people would want. They weren’t in business long before their mothers reclaimed their precious things, but the appeal of selling pre-owned jewellery stuck with Amanda and that kernel of an idea from a young entrepreneurial mind eventually became today's Omnēque.

This marketplace was to be more than just a shop: it is a unique resource for great jewellery. You can get a ring remodelled or commission a bespoke piece; find someone to help you navigate the minefield of auctions, or help you select the perfect piece for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Our Services

Bi-Weekly Drops

Our buyers reveal curated drops from the best of the pre-owned jewellery market every two weeks.


Our dedicated concierge is available for all your personal shopping needs, including style advice or tips on gifts.

Spotlight Partnerships

Explore collections from some of the best contemporary designer-makers from around the world.

Stone Bar

The best destination for loose stones sourced by some of the finest gem dealers in India.

Jewellery Sourcing

Do you have a special piece in mind that has eluded you? We can help you track down exactly what you want.

Bespoke Commissions

We can match you with the best designer-makers to bring your dream piece to life.

Jewellery Remodelling

Giving things a second life in a new shape is important and we can help with advice on remodelling your precious things.

Bidding at Auction

Enlist the help of our experienced buyers to guide you at auction, bidding on your behalf or providing advice to bid on your own.

Through the Loupe

The ultimate jewellery resource with designer bios, a ring sizing guide, a glossary of terms and a directory of jewellery-related services.

Our Buyers

The true allure of the Omnēque marketplace is that it’s not just a selection of jewellery: it is a collection of curated, authenticated and valued jewellery chosen by our expert buyers who have the experience to identify which pieces have the most appeal and will hold their value.

Their collective knowledge is focused on finding the best pieces from the pre-owned market including fine, high, vintage and antique jewellery and identifying the must-have contemporary designer-makers from around the world.

Joanna Hardy

Curator & Authentication

Vivienne Becker

Curator & Contributing Editor

Carmen Haid

Guest Vintage Fashion Curator

Our Magazine

The Omnēque magazine tells the stories behind some of the world’s most amazing jewellery. It is a constantly refreshed resource to educate, entertain and enlighten.

Edited by Mark C. O’Flaherty, our writers include respected insiders led by Vivienne Becker and Joanna Hardy, bold outliers whose voices represent the consumer’s viewpoint including Kate Spicer, and regular contributors including well-known names from the jewellery and fashion world.

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