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Meet our Founder

Amanda Zuydervelt

Omnēque is an online marketplace founded by Amanda Zuydervelt, through which vintage and antique jewellery continues its journey to new owners. We are dedicated to giving new life to pre-loved designs, of all eras, at a time when what and how we buy says everything about who we are.

Omnēque curates a selection of unique, characterful vintage jewellery, authenticated by top industry experts, and also offers a range of services, including the sourcing of rare and highly sought after pieces.

Our Founder, Amanda Zuydervelt

“As the only girl in a tribe of boys, my aunt inherited all her mother’s jewellery, dating from the 1930s to the 70s. As I child, I spent countless hours trying it all on, and my love affair with vintage jewellery started with her treasure chest. From my teenage years onwards, I tried to find vintage jewellery for myself and discovered there was nowhere offering curated and authenticated vintage jewellery. I wanted a place I could trust to bring to me a diverse selection of the most interesting, characterful and unusual pieces of jewellery from all eras, from all around the world, with a wide and inclusive price point. I had a vision for what I wished existed - and Omneque is the online marketplace that offers people exactly what I was looking for and until now did not exist.”

Our Story

Amanda Zuydervelt was born with business in her bones. A natural entrepreneur, she has a flair for spotting a gap in the market, then working with zeal and spirit to fill it with a product she believes in and loves.

Omnēque is one of a kind, a digital platform that specialises in unique pre-owned jewellery. Amanda has always sought to set up businesses that give something back or pay it forward. Omnēque does both. It’s a luxury online marketplace where the best jewellery continues its journey to its next loving owners.

But this marketplace is so much more than just a shop: it is a unique resource for great jewellery. You can get a ring remodelled or commission a bespoke piece; find someone to help you navigate the minefield of auctions, or help you select the perfect piece for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. And this offering has been powered by an elite team Amanda surrounded herself with, including the likes of Joanna Hardy, Vivienne Becker, Josephine Odet and Charlotte Rogers, jewellery experts with many years of combined experience