[derived from Latin 'omneque']

(Noun) Precious thing; valuable




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The Luxury E-Tailers Revolutionising The Way We Buy Fine Jewellery
Introducing Omnēque, The Antique And Vintage Jewelry Store Of Your Dreams
Meet Omnēque: The New Home of Rare Vintage Jewelry
The online platforms transforming the fine jewellery market
Omneque is a new online marketplace that sources, curates and rigorously vets the most incredible antique and vintage jewellery on the market.
For something that you won't see on anyone else, head to Omneque for a curated selection of vintage and antique pieces.

We seek out precious jewels, created in years past, worn now


The life of a period piece never ends. Each time it changes hands a new chapter begins; a fresh page opens; and it’s your turn to continue to write its story.


Fine examples of vintage and modern always sit well together. Here, we also celebrate the designers of today, whose jewellery can still feel warm from the making. After all, imagination, craftsmanship and fine materials are ageless.

our experts

Each piece here at Omnēque has been under the eyes of two leading ladies of the jewellery world: Joanna Hardy and Vivienne Becker. Passionate, discerning and bordering on obsessive, they are highly respected, with as much as 80 years’ experience in this world of jewels between them (N.B., they started young).

What’s in a Name?

By Jemima Sissons

A Life with Stones

By Fiona Matthias

Be Stirred: Cocktail Rings Reign

By Annabel Davidson