The true home of fashion jewellery

Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel was very much the living embodiment of the fashion label she created in the 1920s. Her signature pared-down, masculine style defied the restrictive female clothing of previous generations and defined the new age. Coco copied her own statement jewels, including long strings of pearls, bold cuffs and brooches as costume pieces so that as she said: "women can wear fortunes that cost nothing" opening up a trend for costume jewels at a time when ladies only wore the real thing. Many of the earlier pieces could be fanciful; from enamelled green tree frog brooches to flowered sprays or exquisite poured glass pieces by Maison Gripoix. Standard Chanel codes that have endured include the Maltese Cross, the entwined CCs, lions and camellias.