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Our Values. Our Promise

Omnēque's Environmental and Social Policy, Supporting a Sustainable Future

Omnēque’s jewellery has lived and has been loved. This means that every piece of jewellery on the Omnēque platform is ready to be loved again. The hand-picked nature of our jewellery means that it will never be “waste”: it is already in circulation, and it will continue to circulate.

Our part in the circular economy

Omnēque is a platform created to embrace the circular economy. By sourcing existing jewels and stones from revered dealers around the world, and presenting them for resale through our online marketplace, we aim to encourage consumers to move away from the linear economy of “take-make-dispose”.

With a team of jewellery experts dedicated to the craft, we recognise the many, many vintage and antique pieces that exist and sit hidden away. By seeking these treasures, we provide our clients with wonderful pieces that are imbued with narrative and history, ultimately reducing the need for the modern mining of precious metals and stones.

Whilst we are new to this journey, we have great plans that will widen the scope of our circular goals. We are working towards a restorative economy by introducing a remodelling service and we will continue to listen and learn from new technologies, new innovations and recommendations that put people and planet first.

We champion the re-use of jewellery through our antique and vintage jewellery, through our encouragement to remodel rather than buy new, and through careful curation of our materials – both old and new – to ensure all current environmental and social justice considerations are recognised fully.

Our packaging and transportation promise

For the packaging and logistics involved in carrying out these sales we are committed to achieving as minimal environmental impact as possible. Omnēque’s strategy to minimise environmental impact includes: 

  • reusable storage solutions for protecting jewellery on its way to customers;
  • recyclable packaging materials;
  • developing the use of recycled materials for our packaging;
  • reducing the use of energy in the logistics of vetting and transporting jewellery;
  • reducing waste material produced by Omnēque.   

Responsible sourcing

In the delivery of Concierge and Stone Vault services and liaison with our partners during the creation of new jewels, we ask our partners to practise responsible sourcing of precious metals and gem materials. We support our partners’ efforts to buy diamonds from suppliers that can prove that the diamonds have been sourced from conflict-free areas, as stated in the Kimberley Process. We encourage our partners to adhere to the Codes of Practice implemented by the trade associations of which they are members.

Environmental impacts

Omnēque supports the work of The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in the following ways: 

  • Omnēque does not list items for sale that include ivory or tortoiseshell.
  • Omnēque only lists items made of coral that have been vetted as being antique and which have not used new coral; coral items are not available for international shipping without the necessary licences.
  • Omnēque is committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements. 

This environmental and social policy will be reviewed periodically and is made available for all Omnēque staff, partners and clients.

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