Miriam Haskell

Classic costume jewels that set the bar for fashion jewellery 

Miriam Haskell was a celebrated American costume jeweller at her peak during the interwar and post-war era. Together with her design partner Frank Hess she chanelled the European zeitgeist known as "vrais bijoux en toc", or real fake jewellery, pioneered by Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. The marque was known for its delicate handiwork and use of radiant glass flowers, wood and glass beads, seed pearls and filigree detailing. Prized Baroque-style pieces included earrings, necklaces and brooches and sets of jewellery known as parures, intended to be worn together. Miriam Haskell creations were worn by influential fashion icons of the day including Joan Crawford, the Duchess of Windsor and Jackie Kennedy.

Miriam Haskell recognised there was a need for the independent American woman to be able to wear jewellery that was high fashion, well-made and affordable. Originally, Haskell made her own designs but, as her business went from strength to strength, she employed an outworker in New York to help make her jewellery. Haskell was a great socialite and she was sophisticated. She was dedicated to her business and travelled the world looking for the finest components for her jewels. Haskell is best known for her pearl and filigree look and her 1940s and 1950s jewellery designs of Indian and Byzantine inspiration, when Haskell was at her peak.