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#5. Love Jewels

Launched 4.2.2021 11:00 GMT

Jewellery always tells a story: gifts inspired by love and romance and passed down through generations. Write your own love story with one of the sparkling treasures from our curated Love Jewels collection – you’ll find the perfect thing to spoil the one you love.

Jewellery speaks the universal language of love, today as always. After all, a jewel given as a gift, is a gift of love, in any language. Winding its way through the long history of jewellery, love – of all varieties, romantic, noble, courtly, religious, the love of friendship or family ties, or simply a commitment to ourselves - is expressed through the preciousness of materials, through the dedication lavished on artisan-skills and through messages and motifs, signs and symbols. Messages and sentiments that have become so important again this year when emotions are running high and relationships are treasured more than ever.


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