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As Julie Andrews reminds us, one of the best ways to cheer ourselves up is to sing about our favourite things. So, we asked our Omnēque experts to pick out three of their favourite pieces of jewellery that they’d love to see pop up in their Christmas stocking – but could actually end up in yours. (But to keep the harmony, we didn't ask them to sing.) 

Charlotte Rogers

There’s a feel of the festive about Charlotte’s choice. “Showcasing the colour of the season, this vintage YSL set is a showstopper. The poured glass links are articulated and sit beautifully on the neck.” Her next choice is a 24-carat gold-plated metal classical statement Chanel necklace featuring graduated diamond-shaped lozenges. As Charlotte quite rightly says: “I don’t just decorate the tree at Christmas!” And to wrap up (in more ways than one), it’s Fendi. “Fendi has had a renaissance of late,” says Charlotte, “and this super-fashionable bracelet features festive charms with the most wanted FF logo designed by the icon Karl Lagerfeld in 1965.”

From left: Chanel necklace, the YSL 'showstopper', and 'super-fashionable' Fendi. Background: MontyLov on Unsplash

Josephine Odet

There’s little that says Christmas more than diamonds, and Josephine’s first choice is not only for Christmas, but forever: a magnificent diamond riviere necklace. “It’s a jewel that lives 'rent free' in my mind and is on my forever wishlist,” she says. But if that doesn’t make it into her Christmas stocking? “I'd be beyond thrilled to find the original deco diamond and emerald ring under the tree. It has such a flattering shape – like a diamond hug for the finger – and the emerald accents are so chic.” And for some 1970s/80s style, there’s one more choice: “I love a jewel that grabs your attention and doesn't let go,” she says. “This bangle/cuff by one of my favourite designers, Angela Cummings, combines creativity with bold design and an innovative use of materials. Simply put, this is an achingly cool jewel.”

From left: the 'forever' riviere, 'finger-hugging' art deco, and a cool cuff. Background: eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger on Unsplash

Joanna Hardy

Colour, colour, colour. As Joanna says: “My curation is always about jewels that catch my eye, for their design, craftsmanship and when it is in the middle of winter, colour.” So what’s at the top of Joanna’s wishlist in this bleak – though often beautiful – mid-winter? “The Grima brooch is an explosion of celebration and joy, no better jewel to wear over this festive season,” says Joanna, and we can’t disagree. Her next choice is a “Holbeinesque pendant”. “Colour cheers the soul,” she says, and this pendant, “with its un-abashed colour combinations makes this beautiful jewel timeless – no-one would guess it was over 150 years old.” Completing her choice is “this exotic colour combination of amethyst and golden topaz – a perfect jewel to lift one’s spirits.” Never underestimate the intoxicating power of colour.

Clockwise: Andrew Grima's fan brooch, a topaz and amethyst cross brooch/pendant, and the gem-set Hobeinesque pendant

Amanda Zuydervelt

As founder of Omnēque, Amanda has an enduring love of all things vintage when it comes to jewellery. Her favourite piece of jewellery on the website at the moment is a 1940s, 18-carat yellow gold bracelet by the leading French maison Boucheron. Its interlocking pattern resembles a braid, and its this and its ease of movement that caught Amanda’s eye: “I love the effect it gives when you are wearing it.” If love is in the air, then she also has it for the onyx, diamond and gold ring from the 1970s. Or perhaps she just likes the idea of an all-seeing eye... But high on the wishlist is a charm (or two). “My favourite is the clog,” says Amanda. “The Dutch girl in me can’t resist.”

From left: the onyx and diamond ring, Boucheron bracelet, and an irresistible clog. Background: on Unsplash

So why not scout out a few favourites of your own – and feel free to sing about them! 
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